TO KNOW HIM THROUGH INSPIRING PEOPLE TO DEVELOP A HEART FOR GOD. The main reason we exist as a church is to help people have a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. We inspire people through preaching and teaching of God’s Word in our weekly services and activities.

TO BUILD A CHURCH FAMILY. As a church we endeavor to include every adult in a small group Bible study, adult Bible class, and Church activity. Through these smaller group settings we seek to build a community (family) through our church.

TO INSTRUCT INDIVIDUALS THROUGH GOD’S WORD. We believe that every solution for today’s problems are found in the Bible. We teach and preach the Bible so that people can learn Christian Doctrine, Christian Duty, and seek victory over the discouragements of life. Sunday morning classes, Sunday morning worship services, Sunday night Bible study, Wednesday night prayer services, Teen Ministry, Bible Conferences, and Revivals provide a balanced diet for the believer to grow through God’s Word.

TO INVOLVE PEOPLE IN MINISTRY. Our goal in ministry is to develop every person in their relationship with Jesus Christ so they can see opportunities to serve God in the local church ministry. The opportunities abound for evangelism, discipleship, and ministry at our church.

TO MAKE AN IMPACT WITH THE GOSPEL. We believe that God wants us to carry the message that Jesus provides salvation to everyone possible. We seek to make an impact in our local area through evangelism and our church programs. We also seek to take the gospel to p[laces we cannot go by supporting local ministries.